High Way Transport Company

Company details: 


High Way Transport Company (Reg.)

It's a registered truck and trailer services company 

capable of assisting a variety of business organizations in their Logistics i.e. transportation management e.g.

  • Commercial  or Non-Commercial Products/Properties etc.
  • Raw, semi-finished or finished goods/materials.
  • Capital Commodities or Consumer Goods i.e. Manufacturing items, Machinery, equipment or parts etc.

In Addition:

  • Vehicles' Excise & Customs issues e.g. Tokens, Permits, Registrations, & Others.
  • Vehicles' Fitting Certificates, Govt. Environment License etc.


  • Abdul Salam
  • Ahmad Mehmood
  • Mudassar Mehmood

Contacts:    +92313-9129661 


Address: Sadiq Market, Dir Colony Stop, Near Mosa-CNG, Ring Road Peshawar.


Sadiq Market; Dir Colony Stop; Near Mosa-CNG; Ring Road Peshawar
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