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We are into archery business since 2012 and over the years have developed professional expertise of this sport. Our trainers are experienced and we use quality equipment from world best brands. Seeing the growing demand of archery lovers, it was decided to upgrade our archery setup as an independent entity with the name of SHAHEEN ARCHERY. The purpose is to promote Archery in Pakistan as a sport and facilitate archery lovers who have the passion to learn and enjoy it.
It is an ideal source of recreation.
It is an excellent team building activity.
It is a healthy outdoor sport, which can shape mind and body on positive note.
It is competitive and challenging in nature and develops competitive spirit.
If properly skilled, one can take it to international level competitions.
It is a quiet sport, which is environment friendly and all age groups can equally enjoy including kids, adults and elders, both males and females.
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Office 3-A,Mezzanine Floor,Mehmood Plaza, Fazl-Ul-Haq Road,Blue Area,Islamabad.
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