Prime fishmeal

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First of all our company catching fish in sea after I will transfer these fishes in machinery process the first process is wet process the 2nd is dry fish and the 3rd is last process in this process the fishmeal powder is make our company making best quality fishmeal for poultry feeds and etc there are three type fishmeal
1)wet process
Lab report
Protein 50 to 55%
Ash 16 to 22%
Sand silica 1.5 to 3.0%
Fats control
Moisture control
Our company try to make more and more best quality meal for feeds
Our company making fully dried fishmeal because the dry powder is good for feeds some time the fish is not fully dried and the fish is oily fish because it's a God gifted things but our company try to make dry powder

Ibrahim hyderi korangi industrial area karachi
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