AJ Law Associates

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Afshan Jamal Law Associates is  a Registered medium sized firm based in Karachi which mainly focuses on Corporate law and litigation in the High Court of Sindh and deals with a variety of subjects and represents a variety of clients including individual and corporate clients.

The firm has been dealing with matters related to different practice areas. The practice areas are:

a.     Banking Law

b.     Civil Litigation

c.     Corporate Law

d.     Family Law

e.     Taxation

 f.     Trade Mark

  g.   Copyright


Afshan Jamal Law Associates we provide our clients with experience and advice in virtually every discipline of law. This is a medium sized firm which coordinates multifaceted teams in litigation before the High Court of Sindh, Banking Courts, tax tribunal and interracial property organization (IPO). With lawyers having good professional qualification and extensive experience, the firm responds knowledgeably, effectively and quickly, whether the issue is local, regional, national.

Firm believes in the phenomenon of thinking globally and acting locally. Our clients can expect our lawyers to be responsive, attentive and flexible, and to communicate on a regular basis and in understandable terms. This approach manifests itself in many ways, from assuring that telephone calls are returned promptly to identifying cost savings that the client might not have previously considered.

2nd Floor, 82-C, 11th commercial Street, Phase II, Ext. DHA. Karachi.
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0213 35312374
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