Aekpani Networks

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Aekpani was the pioneer of IT in Pakistan’s software landscape when internet was yet to make itself a necessity than a luxury that it was back then. Starting with Linux based server management, Aekpani started on a strong footing as a promising information technology company, since 1995. Equipped with high-end knowledge and experience, the company explored and achieved wonders, acclaim and clients along the way.
As a fully-grown information technology company – Aekpani ventured into various streams and verticals. Transport, Booking Apps, Website development, Designing suites, Luxury Apparel Ecommerce portals, Hardware support and supply. In a nutshell, Aekpani has answers to every technology question.

Suite # 704, Park Avenue, Block 6, P.E.C.H.S, Sharah-e-Faisal
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