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It is a beautiful valley located in the center of mountains which are full of trees and beautiful weather.

The people here are welcoming and the weather is pleasant at 24 degree centigrade in summer. There is snow fall which is beautiful to watch in winter when everything turns white because of snowfall. It a great experience to take a walk during snowfall.

There are many places to visit in Rawalakot like Toli peer, Haji Peer, Ganga Choti, Banjosa Lake and Lus Dana. You can come here for picnic, mountaineering, trekking, Hiking, Bird watching and even just relaxing and enjoying the beautiful scenery of nature. 

I at The Residence Resort Rawalakot  Welcome you here to come and experience the peacefulness of nature. We will make your visit here a memorable experience that you will not forget your whole life.

The Residence Resort Hotel will provide  you accommodation ,travelling, food, Tourist guide, entertainment, information center and any special request you will make.

Near DHO office,Airport Road, Rawalakot,Azad Kashmir.
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