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Our Chinese Hospital in Lahore is providing world renowned andrologist in Lahore. Andrology department and Urology Department are fully equipped with latest and ISO certified equipment. Call Us : 0336-0158888 We have a Chinese hospital in Lahore, which have different fields and providing the best services. Its Andrology department is providing best and experienced Chinese andrologist in Lahore to treat your sexual problems with traditional Chinese herbal medicines.hey have latest ISO certified technologies and equipments. Our Urologists and Andrologist in Lahore have specializes in treating Sexual Dysfunction, Infertility treatment, Penis disorders and penis enlargement, Low sperm count and sperm disorders, Cystitis treatment, Epididymitis treatment, Bacterial Orchitis disease, Venereal Diseases, Sexually transmitted diseases and infections, Prostate enlargement and prostate diseases, Urethritis Diseases, Urinary tract infection, etc.

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