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Pizza Hut launched its operations in Pakistan with its very first franchise opening long back in 1993. Its outlets have now spread all over Pakistan, at many convenient locations in many cities. Pizza hut Pakistan is now claimed to be, arguably, the largest restaurant chain in Pakistan with most populous consumer hub being the city of lights, Karachi. Karachi Clifton outlet Pizza Hut today has won numerous regional awards for the exceptionally high sales, thanks to their loyal clienteles. The Pizza Hut team launches various amazing flavors and toppings to match the taste of the locals. The world famous topping, Chicken Tikka, was initially introduced in Pakistan. Customers prefer Pizza Hut because of their so very innovative products and their concepts, plus the high level of service and product quality standards that they set and actually meet every single day, from all of their restaurants, touching the lives and pleasing the taste buds of hundreds and thousands day after another.

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