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The best, cheesiest, meatiest lasagna, pasta and chicken in Karachi.

Authentic Italian Cuisine, using the freshest and most premium ingredients to bring you the absolute best.
We cater for individual orders and for events and offer special discounts to our valued customers.

We offer FREE Delivery all over Karachi.

Few of our customer's feedback:

1. After seeing the reviews on SWOT, I ordered Chicken Roulade and Beef Lasagna. Both were divine! The best part was the stuffing of the Roulade. My order specified them to go heavy on olives and they did! Loved it! Lasagna was pretty good too. :)

2. Amazing Taste.

3. Come up with more appetizers! My kids adore your Mozzarella Sticks. Please introduce more “kid-friendly” stuff.

4. My kids just love the cheesy lasagna. Great!

5. Ordered a custom-pasta for my son’s birthday party. Since all the guests were 5-6 year olds, I ordered 2 family servings of custom-pastas which were enough for around 18 kids. One was Mac and Cheese and the other was a blend of chicken chunks and sausages. Perfectly cheesy and simply great!

IH86, Falcon Complex, AFOHS
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