Gwadar Chamber of Commerce & Industry

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To be the finest organization to serve the business community and to conduct its practices in best possible professional manner.
To be a bridge between the Business Community and Regulatory Bodiesfor in policy advocacy.
To seek long term relations with members reflecting fairness, honesty and transparency.
To build good repute of the Organization and maintaining high professional and ethical standards.
To conduct Business with integrity and strive to be a top Chamber in the Region
Respect – Treating all well and work with courtesy and respect, the way you want to be treated.
Empathy – Listening and understanding the feelings and ideas of others.
Shared Responsibility – taking ownership and working as a team through collaboration among all stakeholders.
Consistency – being consistent in mastering and maintaining standards in services and overall the image of the institution.
Innovation – constant creativity in Research, Development and services for value addition and exceeding expectations of members, stakeholders and employees.

Civic Centre Airport Road Gwadar
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