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The Arabia Fast Growth 500 announced ranks of winners , Student Shelter In Computers Win's All World Arabia 500 and Rank No-26 in Fast Growth Arabia 500 list & also Win's Pakistan 100 and Rank No-11 on All World Pakistan 100's list.                                   

We offer's Microsoft IT Academy , Cisco Networking Regional Academy & Instructer Training Center (ITC) , EC-Councill CEH Ethical Hacker Council , Distance E-Learning Education Services as a Organization; Provides technical education in various schools and Govt. Colleges in Punjab, with a particular focus on training women, disable & deserving students; works to attract and retain the required number of employees so Pakistan’s information and communications technology industry can prosper. 

Student Shelter In Computers Offers Exams & Testing Services in Pakistan from Certified Trainer.


Student Shelter In Computers has the vision of ensuring that Pakistan attains a role on the Global ICT map as an innovative and cost-effective location. Advocating for the interest of the industry, Student Shelter In Computers as a Organization will be recognized locally and internationally as the voice of the Pakistani ICT industry. To become reliable career counseling platform, professional trainer, and credible job bank catering to the rapidly changing needs of the IT/Telecom market. Student Shelter In Computers is already doing International Educational IT Projects and authorized from International World Wide Testing, Distance Learning Education, Coaching and Training Center.

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