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AINiT, Study Abroad and Immigration Consultant in Karachi, Pakistan. As Licensed Immigration Adviser We offer Cost Effective Study Abroad & Immigration Consultancy. Since its inception in 2001, AINiT has been one of the most successful and recognized immigration and study abroad consultancy firms offering a wide range of services including:

Australian Immigration
New Zealand Immigration
Canadian Immigration
European Immigration
Study abroad
Our study abroad services help potential students who wish to pursue higher education at international level in destinations like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK, USA, Turkey, Malaysia and many others. Our offices spread across the globe in countries like the UAE, KSA, UK, Australia and Pakistan provide more accessibility to our clients and make it easier for them to reach us to avail our professional services.

At AINiT, we know that every case is different from the other and understand the importance of each individual case. Hence, our teams are committed to provide our clients with transparent, professional and customized advice regarding their case and assess each case individually according to the policies and guidelines set by the relevant assessing authorities in the countries we deal with and lodge their visa application accordingly making their case stronger with higher chances of success.

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