K.B. Business Services (KBS) is one of the reputed and fasted growing the agro-based company in Pakistan. It provides a wide varietyof products and services to the companies and farmers.

Phone number: 
+92 51 490 54 81


Latif Rice Mill (PVT) LTD is committed to provide high quality rice to its customers. The production process are constantly monitored and controlled to attain and maintain desired characteristic (Aroma and Taste) of our Basmati Rice .

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J.A Textiles

J.A Textile ltd started its operations as a public limited company in April 1992.  It manufactures 100% cotton and is equipped with advanced technology spinning plant of 21,804 spindles.

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Indus Dyeing & Manufacturing Company Limited

 With a vision to provide top quality textile products at most competitive rates, Indus textile is serving the nation for over 50 years. Its textile products are known nationwide for its quality.

Phone number: 
9221 - 111 404 404

Husein Sugar Mills

 Husein Sugar Mills is a part of Sargodha group of companies which is one of the biggest business groups in the country.

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Dewan Sugar Mills

 Dewan sugar mills is the market leader in producing sugar and has the ability the cane crushing capacity of over 9000 tons per day.

Phone number: 
(92-29) 770443

Thal Limited

Thal limited company was established in 1966 as a public limited company . The main products of the company includes jute goods , engineering goods, papersack and laminates.

Phone number: 
(92-21)3431 2030, 3431 2185, 3431 2321

Kohinoor Sugar Mills

 Kohinoor sugar mills is a famous sugar manufacturing company and established in the early days of Pakistan independence.

Phone number: 
92-423-5757250, 5750270

Noon Sugar Mills Limited

The company was built  in 1964 as public company as a manufacturer of white sugar in Punjab.

Phone number: 
+92-42-35788461-7, +92-42-35788472-3

Faran Sugar Mills

Faran Sugar mills was established in 1981, its plant is located in District Hyderabad and has the capacity of 8000 M.Tons crushing per day.

Phone number: 

Crescent Jute

Crescent Jute is a part of crescent group of companies which is one of the largest industrial groups in Pakistan.

Phone number: 
++92 42 35787592-3

Fecto Sugar Mills

 Fecto sugar Mills is the part of Fecto group of industries , which is known as one of the leading and most respectful groups in Pakistan. It has played a vital role in Pakistan’s economy from the very beginning.

Phone number: 
(021) 35682178

Adam Sugar Mills

ADAM SUGAR MILLS LIMITED: Based in Chistian – Punjab,
Pakistan is the part of Adam group of companies,
Manufacturing refined sugar from sugar cane.

Phone number: